Chinese New Year Part 2


The Chinese New Year holiday has continued. My host family took me to go see ice sculptures. They were housed in a building that was kept cold all year round so that it can always be open. Inside the building they had ice skating, ice sledding, and an ice slide that ended in a ball pit. There were also sculptures of Shrek and Donkey, Disney princesses, Mickey and Minnie, a castle, Chinese traditional buildings, and many more. It was really neat to see all of the ice sculptures. Some even used colored ice and colored lights to be different colors. 


I also went to see a temple that was surrounded by a fair. Although, the temple was so crowded due to the holiday that we didn't go in, the fair was very neat to experience. There were lots of games, food, and things to buy just like a carnival or fair in the United States. I even got a picture taken in Chinese clothes!


My host family also took me to the countryside. My host student, Whisper, 's grandparents live in the countryside, so I got to see their house when we dropped them off. Every house was made of bricks and had a walled in yard area where they grew crops when the weather is warm. The small town of houses was surrounded by plots of land that would be used to grow crops when it warms up. It was very interesting to see. Whisper, my host student, told me that in the spring and summer the countryside is full of flowers. The roads to get to the countryside were extremely narrow. Two cars barely fit next to eachother. It was a very interesting ride to get to and from the grandparents house!

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