Taiji and Roast Duck

Taiji and Roast Duck

Yesterday I went to the park to learn Taiji from a professor. In the park, there are lots of professors that every morning offer free classes to the public. Usually only the old people have time to exercise in the park because children have school and adults have jobs. 


Taiji is also known as shadow boxing, which means you pretend to fight an imaginary opponent. It consists of lots of slow fighting-like movements, similar to when an action movie fight sceen turns into slow motion. It requires a lot of balance and focus. The professor kept telling me that with practice my Taiji would get better. 


For dinner, my host family took me to a famous roast duck restaurant. I am surprised to say that I really liked it. The restaurant brought out a whole roast duck that I got to watch the man cut into pieces. Roast duck is eaten by dipping the duck into a soybean paste (think soy sauce but thicker) and putting it into a thin tortilla-like wrapper similar to a dumpling wrapper and folded into a taco. This duck taco is then eaten as you would a normal taco. The other dishes were small soybean-flour cakes, corn, and tofu. I can definitely see why it is said that roast duck is something everyone who goes to China has to eat. 

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