The Market, a Temple, and the Jiaozhou Bridge

The Market, a Temple, and the Jiaozhou Bridge

Today I went to the market. It was a combination of outdoor and indoor stores with a huge variety of things being sold. There was food, snacks, Chinese New Year Decorations, and even pottery. It was neat to see the way Chinese people buy their food and what other things are considered necessary to have at a market. It was similar to a flea market in the US.


Today I also went to visit Bailin Temple, which is the largest temple in Northern China. It is where the monks live and people go to worship. I was amazed at how beautiful and garden like it was inside the temple compared to the surrounding city area. 


Near the temple is the oldest stone bridge in the world. I also went to see that. It had a donkey print and wheel barrow mark on it because there is a legend that says the man who built the bridge was so sure it would hold anything that two gods brought the sun, the moon, and all of the mountains with them as they crossed the bridge to test if it would really hold anything. Of course, in the legend, they make it across but leave a wheel barrow and donkey footprint on the bridge. At the bridge, I had my first photo op with two children who were learning English. Their parents wanted them to say hello to me and shake my hand as they took a photo to share with their friends and family. It was quite interesting!

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  1. callumrolland

    Chinese temples always rock the floor. And their inventions always make the other guys full of shock. In essaywriter service I read the history of Jiaozhou Bridge and associated temple. That one is really very beautiful from inside, but it has restricted access.

    July 25, 2016